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This is an attempt to write a M$ Windows 95 Wizard - alike Java program.

The new version of Wizard  component is 0.9.4 .  It's Java 1.1 100% compatible.

I also decided to give the source code to the world, not anymore the compiled code, under the GNU GPL.

This class is only for Java program developers.

In the downloaded file is full documentation for this package.


Latest version
V 0.9.4 - BugFix release. Not 100% compatible with previous versions.

I know that this will be annoying but until the V 1.0 the API is (still) possible to change :-(

Download previous versions:
V 0.9.3 - Multi-path wizard. Not 100% steady
V 0.9.2 - Applet compatible. Stable version
V 0.9.0 - Full release, but still not applet compatible. Stable version.
V 0.8.2+ - Java 1.1 version , not applet compatible
V 0.8.1  -  Java 1.0 version , applet compatible. Stable version
V 0.8.0 - not anymore distributed

The format of the download file is in *.tar.gz   I hope that Winblow$ users with WinZip will not have any problem!


KDE with the Metal theme (from www.themes.org)

Send me an e-mail and tell me what do you think about it.


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